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True life transformation happens only from the inside out

Paradigm Shift believes that true life transformation happens only from the inside out.


Addressing spiritual poverty is as important as addressing physical poverty. That is why Paradigm Shift’s unique model incorporates Biblical teachings into every structured interaction with entrepreneurs. During the first two 9-week modules, entrepreneurs learn Biblical principles through the Emmaus Road Course.


Running alongside the business training, entrepreneurs discover what the Bible says about community, family and business. Training sessions include the following topics:


Module 1

  • Pursuing Truth and Wisdom
  • Learning to Develop Character
  • Created for Work
  • Money Matters
  • Made for Relationship
  • My Spiritual Hunger
  • Conversations with God
  • Stewardship in My Life


Module 2

  • The Father Heart of God
  • Making Sense of Pain
  • Discovering Jesus
  • More Than Religion
  • A New Beginning
  • Exploring the Holy Spirit
  • Becoming a Person of Character
  • Designed To Worship



Download a sample of the Emmaus Road Course Curriculum


Common Ground

"Nearby Common Ground are multiple communities in need of economic renewal. We knew we as the church could change poverty if we coupled good development practices with biblical discipleship. The Paradigm Shift program has equipped us to make a meaningful impact in our city and for the kingdom of heaven."
--- Rigby Wallace, Founding Pastor, Common Ground

In Their Own Words

"We used to think our businesses were cursed because they failed. Now we realize we just didn't have the knowledge."
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