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Four Reasons Why Discipleship Is Absolutely Essential

Taking a long-term view of wealth

“Wealth is a worthy pursuit, but you’re an idiot to only pursue cash…” Jesus paraphrased in Luke 12. Material wealth lasts for a while, but being rich toward God endures into eternity.


Work is worship

Communities reflect the beauty and creativity of God through business. Work existed before brokenness. Work exists after redemption. And work is the primary way we serve one another and ultimately is an act of worship.


Poverty is more than material

Not having the essentials is easy to see, but what about not having the motivation to see a better tomorrow? Others may have material and motivational wealth, but they become isolated relationally or only depend on themselves in the pursuit of more. Both the rich and the poor have something to give and something to gain.


Three words that change everything

Each entrepreneur is on a journey of finding success beyond their businesses. Regardless of an entrepreneur’s faith journey, Jesus gives three words towards achieving true success: “Come follow me.” Entrepreneurs are encouraged to think seriously about these words that can change everything.



Entrepreneur Experiences

"My experience meant facing God for the first time. Knowing him changed everything for me." — Alvin

Entrepreneur Experiences

"The trainers showed the humility of Christ to us. I’ve never seen Christians who do this. They were truly authentic." — Minah

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